Long-term rent

If you need apartment for long term rent, please,  look to the section LONG TERM RENT in our web-site. Most of apartments, presented in this section are for  long term rent only  (for 6 months as minimum). If you need  apartment for 1-3 months, please, choose apartment which you like and send us  e-mail or contact by phone. We check the possibility to rent this apartment for 1-3 months. But in this case the price will be higher than monthly rate indicated on web-site. In most cases the price for public utilities is not included in the price for long-term rent and would be payed  extra according of meter figures, present tariffs and appropriate organisation's bills

Please pay attention that the price on our services (commission) IS NOT INCLUDED IN the PRICE of LONG TERM RENT.  The amount of the commission depends on the concrete apartment or object and on rent term. In most of the cases amount of commission is 50% from one monthly rent payment, it is paid by the TENANT 1 (one) time at the conclusion of the lease contract with the owner of the apartment. In case the amount of the commission differs from above-stated, we will inform you about it in addition.

Short- term rent  (by daily basis) - accommodation service   

If you need rent  apartment for short term (till 1 month), please choose the apartments in the section SHORT TERM RENT. There the daily prices are indicated. To specify , if the apartment is free, please ,fill in the special form on our web-site or send us an e-mail: lila@latnet or call by phone +371 29238106, +371 26448416, +371 26131787. Our managers will answer you as soon as possible. In case, if choosen apartment is not available for the requested dates, we will offer you another similar apartment. Now we have also new possibility - ONLINE booking. We offer for ONLINE booking part of our apartments (not all). You can make ONLINE booking in the page of apartment's description - button BOOK ONLINE. In case, if you couldn't make booking online, please, send us the request, use the button BOOK ON REQUEST.

The minimal term of renting an apartment - 3 days. Renting an apartment for 2 days is the subject of negotiations. In this case, the price for a day will be higher, than indicated on our web-site.  In the high season - 1 June - 31 August, 22 December-10 January, May's Holydays, Easter Holydays minimal rent term can be increased.


The prices of apartments for short term

Prices of apartments for short-term renting are indicated for the whole apartment (not for the person) per day. The prices for apartments in our web-site indicated with remark FROM. The price depends on the term of rent, number of persons and the season. It mean that your's choosen apartment's final price you will recieve from us on the basis of your information about number of persons, which will stay in the apartment and rent term. The price for apartments in high season and Holydays will be deffinetely higher than indicated in the web-site. In case of ONLINE booking you will see the final price immediately (according the number of guests).

The price includes:

  • bed-clothes and towels by amount of visitors;
  • municipal services (heating, water supply, an electricity, gas);
  • cable or satellite TV;
  • using the Internet (if it is in the apartment);
  • last cleaning (in case of Online booking this position indicated as additional fee)
  • hygiene supplies (toilett paper, soap, shower gel, shampoo)
  • welcome tee, coffee, sugar (in some apartments)

The price is not include TOURIST TAX. The tourist tax is 1 EUR/day per person (doesn't apply to the children under 18) and will be added to reservation.

Booking confirmation and pre-payment

Pre-payment is necessary for all bookings.

The standard pre-payment is the cost of 1 night staying. In some cases (exclusive apartment`s booking, booking for Holydays, Latvian Embassy`s request for visa) the pre-payment may be higher, about it we will inform you additionally.

The pre-payment will be included into the total amount of rent payment.

It is possible to make The Pre-payment by transfter to our bank account or in cash, according to our invoice. After receiveing from you the confirmation, that you agree with all our conditions, we send you the invoice. The invoice must be payed within 3 (three) working days. In case, if the method of payment is not acceptable for you, please, contact us.

The reservation is valid, after receiving of pre-payment and all details of your arrival: time of an arrival, number of flight, and also a phone number, on which is possible to phone you. After that we send you  our confirmation for apartment reservation with contacts of our staff. 

In case, if we will not receive the pre-payment in above-mentioned term, reservation will be cancelled automatically.

In case of serious technical problems in the apartment (absence of hot water, heating or electricity), the apartment can be change to equivalent by the same price. In case if you will not agree with changed apartment, we return to you the full amount of pre-payment.

Conditions of payment   and security deposit

The balance will be payed  in the day of moving into apartment.  It is necessary to pay completely all sum for whole rent  term, indicated in the reservation before getting the keys. In case of arrival after or departure before indicated dates in the reservtion, you must pay the total sum, indicated in the reservation. The payment for non-using days is not be returned. Except rent payment we take the security deposit for the apartment in amount of 100 euros and is given back  to the client in the day of departure in case, if the apartment returned in the same conditions as was on the moving day. The credit cards are not accepted.

Compensation of damage

In a case of damage of the apartment, equipment and furniture found in it,  or other property and also loss of keys, from the guarantee sum, the sums necessary for a covering of charges connected with repair and restoration of the spoiled equipment and property and also for manufacturing new keys and change of the deputies can be calculated. If the sum of the caused damage exceeds 100 EUR,  extra expenses are collected from the client in addition.


Reservation's cancellation or change

For reservtion's cancellation or change, you need to send us e-mail o and get confirmation of receiving.

In case of reservation's cancellation not later than 1 (one) month before check-in, pre-payment will be returned fully, except bank's expencies. In case of reservation's cancellation will be done less that 1 (one) month till check-in date, the pre-payment will NOT to be RETURNED. In case of reservation's cancellation at any terms, for wich was received confirmation for LR Embassy for Visa application, the pre-payment NOT to be RETURNED.

In case, if you need change the terms of reservation, we need receive from you the written notice not later than 1 (one) month before date of check-in, indicated in confirmed reservation. In this case pre-payment will be transfered to new reservation.


Time of check-in  and check-out

Time of check-in an apartment- from 14.00

Time of check-out - till 11.00

In a case of need time of check-in can be before specified time, in case if the apartment is ready.  Also time of check-out can be later, but the preliminary coordination is necessary. As a rule, we go towards to our clients and we do not demand an additional payment for the earlier check-in or late check-out. Exception is early check-in before 9.00, for which we take additional fee.


Late check-in

In a case of  late check-in  to the  apartment after 19.00, please, contact us. Most of apartments have the possibility of self check-in after 19:00 (for free). We will inform you additionally about such a possibility, as well as all the necessary information.

In cases, where self check-in is not possible, the late check-in after 19.00 is subject of additional fee- 5 euro is collected, after 20.00  - 10 euro, after 22.00  - 15 euro, after 23.00  - 20 euro. The given condition does not concern to our clients, who use  our taxi - services.


Important information

Apartments rents for resedential purposes only.  The use of aparment for all other purposes (including party's making and fest organisation) is NOT ALLOWED.

The accommodation with pets is possible in few deffinite aparments. It's necessary prior agreement before reservation. In most apartments the accommodation with pets is NOT ALLOWED.

The accommodation in the apartment more persons, than indicated in reservation is NOT ALLOWED. In case, if in the apartment accoodate more persons, than indicated in the reservation, applicable additional fee - 10 EUR per person per night.

Taxi – transfer

We offer our clients taxi service. A transfer from the airport to the apartment or from apartment to the airport (one way) - 20-35 euros, depending on amount of the persons. Capacity of a taxi -  maximum 6 person.


The equipment of apartments

Apartments, suggested in rent for short terms are completely furnished and equipped with modern home appliances. Please, look through the description of each apartment on the web page. Except equipment mentioned on the web page, there are an iron and an ironing board, a teapot in the apartments, there are a coffee makers practically in all aprtments, in many -  hair drier. There are local phone lines apracticaly in all our apartments, but they are only for entering calls. There is high-speed Internet - Wi-Fi in all  apartments.



The final cleaning is included into the price (except apartments which is bookable online, there are  final cleaning is indicated as additional cost). If necessary, additional cleaning and change of bed-clothes service is paid in separately 20-30 euros for one cleaning and change of bed-clothes.


During stay in an apartment

During stay in an apartment the client has the full responsibility for its condition, and also for furniture, the equipment and property taking place in an apartment. In a case of faults in work of the equipment of an apartment, and also unforeseen damages or force-majeur circumstances the client is obliged to contact immediately the manager of company or the flat owners.

As practically: all our apartments settle down in multiroom apartment houses, the client is obliged to observe all rules and the norms of behaviour accepted for tenants. So, one of rules is necessity to keep quiet from 23.00 and till 07.00, in a case of non-observance of this rule, neighbours have  the right to call police.

In a case of reception of repeated complaints the company has the right to move the client from an apartment without compensation before the paid sum.

In a case of serious technical problems in an apartment (absence of heating, hot water, absence of an electricity) the apartment can be replaced with equivalent by the same price.