For owners

Dear Owners!

If you are interested to rent your peoperty profitable and quickly, please, apply to our company!

Our staff will offer you best variants of your property use. We are professional team , working in the real estate market since 1999. Our  employees are members of LANIDA (association of the real estate employees). We provide different kind of services necessary for renting a property ( starting from buying and ending with its service.)

Our services for property owners:

- Professional consulting about the situation on the property market and market of property rent.

- We advice best variants of using Your property ( residential or retail for long or short terms)

  • Evaluation of profit from property rent. We will help You to choose the best variant

  • Searching for tenants

  • Making and signing the rental agreements

  • Consultations about signing the contract

  • Consultations about Latvian tax law (property rent)

  • Professional consulting about property equipment, intended for rent.

  • Problem solving between lessor and tenant

  • Translation agreements for foreign clients

  • Management of the real estate: solving technical problems, the control of meters, orhanization of municipal payments

  • Apartment's cleaning organization.



If You want to buy a property, and rent it in the future (it is a lucrative and profitable money investment), we provide such services:

  • Professional consulting about the situation on the property market (rent and sale)

  • Selection the necessary apartment or house for a client

  • Evaluation of profit from property rent

  • The help with validation of agreemnts (validation of necessary documents, notary assurance of the bargain)

  • Registration of the bargain in the Land Book of Latvia

  • The help with arranging and receiving the credit from the Bank. Consultations about credit conditions in different Bank of Latvia.

  • Consultations about the repair and property design, necessary for the property rent.

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